About Daisy Office Park

At Daisy Street Office Park, we deliver environments that strengthen
the connection between people and the places they live, work and visit.

We rethink community spaces and urban areas so they reflect people’s needs
for social interaction and greater wellbeing. We are committed to a client focused “experience first” approach
that helps our people to develop. So whether for business or for living, we will provide the best environment for you.
Daisy Street Office Park is owned, managed and developed by BPDC Investments (Pty) Limited.

Experience Matters

At BPDC Investments, we unlock and activate spaces to provide a better service and a great working experience. We believe in creating business communities where expertise can flourish and our clients feel valued. At BPDC Investments, we collaborate with our clients’ businesses to ensure employees’ needs are met, because we understand that it’s the people that make the business.

We place experience at the heart of everything we do.

With a team of specialists and professionals, we believe that client experiences in our places matter, and we are constantly striving for new ways to build and grow the communities we create. Whether it’s our internal team, our partners, shareholders, investors, customers or clients alike, we endeavour to make every experience matter.

Our People Matter

At BPDC Investments, our people matter.
We believe in supporting our team of dedicated professionals who
thrive in their roles and are an integral piece of what makes us special.
Our team is our most important asset, and we aim to create a passionate
and empowered work environment so that they can excel
at helping our tenants.

Our Mission: To develop the Best Specified
Product in the Best Locations.

Our specialist sector and development knowledge skills will only get us so far.
We are big believers in the power of working harder – and hopefully smarter- than anyone. There is no substitute for energy and hard work – and if we don’t work hard, we cannot play hard!

At BPDC Investments, we have a hard fought reputation of striving for only the highest quality in our developments. For that to happen, we are continually evolving the product to ensure repeat business with the tenants – and our funding partners, as well as ensuring our developments are normally welcomed by local councils and planning authorities. To this end, we work with a relatively small team of like minded professionals who share our goals, to ensure consistency of delivery.