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We Are The Transactional Powerhouse for Aviation.

A new vision of the future must redefine corporate strategy in the aviation industry, with new opportunities arising from disruption. For many organizations, the fastest route to recovery and reinvention is through transactions — divesting to access liquidity and preserve cash position, managing digital system requirements arising from COVID-19, transforming the customer experience, and reshaping fleets and operations to suit new demands.

It is both more important and more difficult to execute business critical transactions now. The imperative to transform sustainably is in sharper focus, but routes to executing viable deals are less clear.

Distressed assets are expected to flood the market, deal timelines are being frustrated by uncertainty around the world  and many organizations are finding it challenging to predict the shape and tenor of their recovery.

Through Merger & Acquisition we rebuild the industry and provide the capital required to stabilize aviation businesses and transform operating models.

Our Services

At Uprise Aviation, we are re-defining the characteristics
of aviation transactions and introducing a framework to understand new legal complexity and
stress-test plans in an evolving market.

“Be the Chess Player not the Chess piece”
– Tabassum Pardesi (Tabz)

Tabassum Pardesi , better known as “Tabz” is An eminent, visionary, passionate and inspiring business leader, Aviation and entrepreneur amongst her contemporary counterparts of the era.  First women who founded and owned an Airline – Skywise in South Africa. Tabz comes from a background in diversified business operations in Africa . She  continues to share her expertise and speaks at global events in Africa and internationally.

Tabz” is also the brain behind “Uprise Africa” – First Equity Crowdfunding Platform in South Africa. The innovative platform facilitates access to alternative funding solutions for south African businesses in Aviation. She strongly believes the alternative funding option can drive positive change within Aviation landscape, addressing both the access to funding and changing of ownership models.

Her Platform has won amongst other  :

  • International Finance Award 2019.
  • Best New online platform for investment-South Africa.
  • Global Business outlook Award 2019 -Most innovative online platform for investment-South Africa.
  • Top ICT startup at 2019 Digital Public service awards by Department of Digital Technology.